Is That ME?!

Do you ever meet someone and think, “holy shit, am i that annoying to people?!”

I did. Today. Worst part was i was a captive member of a club stuck at a coffee shop across from a woman I couldn’t get away from fast enough. This person was visiting from Southern California and said “like” about 80 times per sentence. Most of the conversation was “like” with a few thoughts thrown in.

So of course i had to wonder if i did that as well, as i know this is a very So Cal thing to do. I’d like to think the heat of Arizona beat most of that out of me. You only have so much energy in the 9 months of summer there. One way to preserve your brain cells is to only say what you must say. “Like” is not one of those words, unless you’re actually making a comparison. Or an observation about the heat.

I hope i’m not as irritating as the woman i met today. The other thing i noticed was that when she opened her mouth, everything she said was about herself or her baby or her, like, husband or their, like, apartment. No one could get a word in, like, edgwise. And the table seemed to clear ten minutes into the conversation.

I just got rude and started talking across her to the lady next to her. Screw it. Don’t monopolize MY conversation! I show up to these things so i can vent and bitch about MY life, not listen to your issues!

see what i did there?

Hopefully this is a flaky person who will only show up to certain events  …  the ones i’m not at.

Don’t forget to love thy neighbor today, people! .. and will someone pick up my slack because some people I just can’t force the nice.

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