Ever have one of those days? I’m having one. It’s like three days wrapped into one big rollercoaster. I met a woman today who is a widow and i felt the need to try extra hard when i got home… after the toddler’s nap. My son has been talking about planting a garden and i thought, seize the day, woman!

Stupid woman.

See, it was passed 2 and despite my best intentions, my son had been playing video games for almost 2 hours. So my good boy had passed his expiration and i got the sour puss instead.

Taking sour puss anywhere and trying to keep my sanity and/or dignity is just complete fantasy.

So we brave Home Depot. It started out alright enough, but then he realized there were no zombies around the corner to shoot at, and he had left his pick ax at home, so ‘boredom’ set in. Six year olds have great imaginations, so why can’t he just imagine his way through an errand?! And this errand was mainly for HIM. He was excited to pick out the pitiful options that were offered. We made it all the way til getting the soil. Then he started talking back, mouthing off, it was like he went from 6 to 13 in a matter of nano seconds.

So we had a meeting of minds.

It didn’t go my way and short of grabbing a rubber hose, there was going to be no convincing, so we left.

We got home, i sent him to his room and started to feel a modicum of peace until i filled the tub for him to spend time until dinner (and after the time out) in the tub. Out of my hair. Nearly impossible to argue about anything when in separate rooms and one has water and bubbles.

But toddler girl wanted in the tub, and since i had to make dinner, i couldn’t sit in the bathroom while she played splish splash.

Very unhappy girl

She did her screaming gorilla impression banging on the wall so she ended up in her crib for two minutes.

Then, a pitiful, “moOOOmmeeeeeee”  hiccup hiccup.

and now i get to go finish dinner

and tonight’s accompaniment will be Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade.

Mom of the Year will not be moi.

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