Here lies the eyeball of my son’s poor grey kitty cat. (stuffed animal)

He was left on the deck, and now he’s a wreck

The puppy sure liked what she found

My kid is distraught, for the kitty poorly fought

and now sees through only one eye that is round


Motherhood rule #387

No matter how hard you want to laugh, don’t.

it was just a stuffed animal, but it was a toy given when he had a high fever and felt awful two years ago. Sure it had been left at the bottom of a toybox. But when woken from it’s dusty suffocated slumber, it’s like new again to him.

He took it out on the deck while he drew and wrote on the new easel. I told him to take it in the house,  but no. He thought he knew better and insisted.

Later, i went in to put the toddler down, took a shower, had a snack, he came in and joined me for a little chips and salsa, went back outside while i made lunch …. to find the kitty was nabbed.

He trekked downstairs and found the puppy gnawing on the kitty and brought the defeated animal into the house. He had lost an eye and all the whiskers off one side of his face. The other eye is hanging on by a thread.

Sadly, for my child, i do not sew. I figured stapling everything back together would be even more traumatic. I had an ingenious plan. We will simply give him an eye patch! A pirate kitty !

I just have to convince him through the crying that this is the better end, and a new cat is not an option. At 6 the hard lessons must be learned. Leave the toys in the vicinity of the puppy and walk away. Sh*t happens, my child. Especially near a puppy.


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