Ever stalk people you once knew on Facebook just to see what they look like now? Like that guy you had a crush on from jr high through high school? Scaaaaary! Or your first boyfriend, or even first fiancee?
Am i giving away too much info here?
It’s times like this i’m reminded that just because you hope and ask and pray and hope that boy will like you back as much as you like him… there are other powers that be that know better. Thank goodness that power knew i wouldn’t find a balding thirty year old attractive. Or, once the new car smell wears off of that short-lived young relationship, the back hair would eventually knix the whole appeal.


My husband is not a perfect man, but he’s perfect for me! In that he has a full head of hair, and very little of it has traveled beyond his neck!

It’s funny to see faces age when last you saw them was decades before. These faces I looked at daily for what, at the time, i thought was the most important years of my life. Who knew high school was not the end all be all of life experience?! Don’t bother passing that gem onto any teenagers you run across. You’ll just sound like an old fart reminicsing about that past. Wistfully recalling days you’ll never get back.

Thank god.

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to relive high school, especially now! Texting and shootings and more drugs than ever. NOOOOOOOO thank you. I am happily ensconsed in my mid-thirties trying to navigate registration for school and activities.

I know people may see my picture and think, “Holy shit she CAN get bigger!” or “What the hell happened to HER?!” But the difference is I don’t care! 🙂  Oh, and i know how to set my privacy settings. If you want to scoff at my lack of graceful aging, you actually have to friend me first. Gotta love the irony there!


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