A Letter to Educational Admin

Hello there. It’s *me*. Again. I completely understand that you are swamped two weeks before school starts, however. That is not my problem. My problem is getting the kids i need registered for school. Properly. Without a headache or three times the added work just because you didn’t feel like double-checking the process so you told me whatever came into your mind.

I would MUCH rather be doing anything else than dealing with your office, sitting on hold, scanning and emailing paperwork to you, checking my inbox for a confirmation you received said paperwork. My two year old and six year old would also appreciate me not having to do this all morning. They are getting quite sick of television thanks to their mommy needing to sit idly on hold just to then get hung up on.

This is probably not your first choice in a career, but this is not my first choice in my daily activity, either. A few hints that may make your job, and mine, much easier.

Give the right information the first time!
If i have to sit on hold for five more minutes while you double-check the info, i don’t mind. I’d rather spend that five minutes than the follow up THIRTY to call back, sit on hold, re-explain the situation and hope the next info is correct

If i get disconnected, remember that phone number you keep asking me to verify? USE. IT!!! I’m pretty sure your phone has multiple applications. One of which would be to make an OUTGOING call.

I get that your hands are tied due to time constraints on summer hours, however this shit rolls downhill. The process is unforgiving when you require paperwork and then you try and tell me there’s a THREE DAY processing time?! No. That gives no time to prepare for the class that is actually needed. See? YOUR high school math comes into play here. If student A submits paperwork 7 days before school starts, and it takes 3 days to process the information, and then she still needs to sign up for the class, that leaves X amount of days to tear out hair and scream at the computer and register for what’s left.

It is now my job to light a fire under your butt. Move it or burn.


Disgruntled Parent.

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