Heeeelp Meeeeeee

My neighbors and passersby today may see a very interesting site.

My face pressed to the front window with a sign simply saying


as my children dance on the furniture in the background waving markers and kitchen utensils wildly daring anyone to cross the threshold to help. or direct. or engage. or corral.

Go ahead. Make their day.

We moved from Texas, where my son finished school the third week of May, and moved to Washington, where he wont start until the first week of September.

longest. three. months. and two weeks. of. my. LIFE!!!!

I love my child. That’s the obligatory disclaimer. BUUUUUUUT he can be pain in the rear on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

Oh yes. I said it. He can be a pain in the ass. He gets it from his dad 🙂

Summer is a cruel joke on parents while simultaneously a mandatory sanity reboot for teachers. And while i fully understand a “real teacher” is never really off, they also are not walking into a classroom full of beasts every day and following their own lesson plans. Enjoy and drink up, i say, because very soon (and not soon enough all at the same time) my little precious angel will be ALL YOURS for almost 7 hours of the day.


And now, back to the window.

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