To Cut or Not to Cut

That is my question. It’s a constantly revolving question. Currently i’m in a phase where i want to chop it all off. It’s in the way, it’s falling out, it’s a hassle. It goes in a clip every day. I’m turning 36 next month and i have to let go of the fantasy that someday i will look like Julia Roberts and accept i’m more of a Kathy Bates… or Sarah Rue before the weight loss.

i don’t style, i don’t blow dry, and i only flat iron if it’s a big deal.

So if i cut it short, it’ll be easy to style and it’ll have to happen every day. I can’t do a gradual trim because my hair is naturally curly, and the strands are thin, but there’s a lot of it, so it either has to be super short, or past my shoulders. In between is just a frizzy ‘fro.

But then i’m afraid the cut combined with the minivan automatically puts me in the ‘housewives that stopped trying’ category. … because my sweat pants, crocs and T-Shirt dont already act as a neon sign, right?!

But really it’s the opposite. I don’t try when it’s a hassle and long, i can style it when it’ll be short and lay flat.

I actually had a pixie-short cut once before… about 80lbs ago. Now i’m afraid along with my eyes, all my chins will be showcased as well.

This is not a goal of mine.

So i don’t know. I’m going to obsess about it until it happens. Growing out short hair is an equal pain to deciding to chop it, so i’m going to have to decide to commit… i don’t like commitment. It ties one down.

So the next time i write, i’ll either be sitting here as a short haired butchy chub, or a straggly haired frizzy chub. I’m chubby either way, so i shouldn’t let the veil of hair make the choice for me. It’s not like i will cut it and suddenly people will realize i’m fat. It’s really not something that can be hidden. I’m also nearly 6ft tall so most people can’t see the top of my head anyway, so what do i care?!
so the first option is:


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