Childhood Musings

Things have seemingly gotten out of control with the technology accessibility and just plain access for ‘youth’ these days. I don’t care if this makes me sound like a bitter old woman, it must be said! The brood in my house has me reminiscing about how things were ‘back in my day’. Oh, they don’t […]

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shopping, cont.

As a follow up to the make up shopping trip, i wanted to jot down my fantastic experience with my daughter! I almost forgot to do this. So we finish supplying myself with my war paint, and move to the children’s clothing. My little 2 year old is growing rapidly and we could always use […]

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Mommy Wants WHAT?

Yes, it’s a sad fact that i am turning 36 tomorrow. Sadder still is the fact that i’m now interested in make up. I am thinking i’m officially old now, and i have a super short haircut that shows off my¬† bags and wrinkles, so the least i can do for the general population is […]

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No, I’m Not

My husband may possibly kill me for writing this, but i have to. Ladies, ever have one of those months you are SURE you are pregnant? You are absolutely positive you are? I had one of those recently. I’m not. Let’s just start by making sure that’s all clear. I am not pregnant. You couldn’t […]

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Needles and Diapers

My angel baby (toddler, actually) had her two year check up today. It didn’t start out as planned, of course. This is me, afterall. I got a call yesterday confirming the appointment. “Yes, we’ll be there.” I got a call this morning … a judgy call asking for proof of immunizations. Like, a record? big […]

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The Other Side

Sometimes i wonder what life looks like from my husband’s vantage point. Like, seriously. This is not a husband-bashing post, but wouldn’t it be interesting? I don’t want to switch places, per say, but i would love to get a small glimpse into his mind of what reality looks like from his side of the […]

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Silly Husband

Spiders are for boys. I do NOT like spiders. I do not particularly like bugs or arachnids of any kind, actually. My son’s obsession with a show called Monster Bug Wars helped me a tad with my utter disgust for all things hairy and leggy and pincer-y and antennaed. Some genius thought it would be […]

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So this morning was a welcome breakfast in my son’s new classroom. I guess it was an opportunity to meet the other parents and the teacher. I was pretty much interested in chatting with the teacher to give her the low down and i was dying to see how the last couple days had gone. […]

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Mommy Roofie

So i’m minding my own business at the grocery store when it happens. All by myself, i feel the need to go down the baby aisle in case there’s something i might need. My kid is 2. There’s nothing in a baby aisle i need from the grocery store… except maybe an overpriced sippy cup […]

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It’s funny to catch a glimpse of the person who resides just under the surface of Momma Bear. That would be myself in the case of today. After picking up my son from his first day of first grade, i surprised him with a trip to the park. I was feeling pretty good about my […]

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