It’s funny to catch a glimpse of the person who resides just under the surface of Momma Bear. That would be myself in the case of today.

After picking up my son from his first day of first grade, i surprised him with a trip to the park. I was feeling pretty good about my mommy skills. I even remembered to bring his scooter which scored be big points! So we get to the park, he takes off, and i hang with my daughter in the sand box. She finishes there and moves onto the ladder wall rope combo thing. As she’s climbing up there’s a little girl at the top. She was deceptively dressed in her cute ruffled dress and messy braided hair. Her little red Mary Janes managed to put themselves in front of my kid’s head as she’s climbing.

I saw red. Right down to those buckles.

I took a deep breath and told myself to give her a chance. She was probably around 4 or 5. Old enough to know better.

“Oh, that’s not very nice. Can you please not put your foot in front of my daughter’s head?”

She had the nerve to look at me, smile, and do it again.

oh noOOOO you di’int.

“Well now that wasn’t very nice. I asked you to stop.”

as my kid is closing in on the top of the platform to climb up, Beelzebubbles inches closer to Gemma’s fingers.

“Now i know you heard me and i’m going to tell you again to be nice. Do not step on my kid’s fingers. You are not a very nice girl, are you?”

she continued to try to look like she was not aware of what she was doing, and i shit you not said in the lowest barely audible voice she could muster, “I don’t have to listen to you because my mom isn’t around.”

Oh yea? Is she working the corner again? Is it bring your kid to work day for the Hos?

That’s what i WANTED to say .. but i didn’t! Jeez, what kind of person do you take me for?!

So as my daughter tried to walk past this little troll, she steps in front of her to block her way.

Im standing RIGHT there! The balls on this kid are confounding me. I’m not small. I’m not frail-looking. I’m 5’11 and 2asl;kdjjf lbs!

So i say, “Little girl, if you don’t start being nice to my kid, i’m gonna come up there and move you myself.”

that seemed to pierce the veil of evil and she moved.

The whole time my little cherub is saying “scooz me. scooz me!” all sweet and nice.

I almost felt guilty for threatening someone else’s kid… almost. Almost is a wide berth in my mind in the case of today. It was a fleeting moment. What i’m most proud of is not taking another opportunity to belittle the squirt. Once Gemma ran across the bridge, the future trailer park manager actually tried to play with her and talk to me sweetly.

“That’s nice.” was all i could muster. I left it at that. She ran off to find her owner after that and we didn’t see her again, thank goodness.

Seriously, some kids !!

I say this with the full knowledge my son has the potential of roasting a squirrel over a pentagram, but that wasn’t the point of the story. I’ve never seen my kid purposely hurt anyone but his relatives. He mostly goes out of his way to help kids on the playground. He really just plays and seeks out kids to do his bidding. He hits the playground with a scenario and game in his mind, and he is only interested in playing with kids who will allow him to direct them. Personally, i don’t mind this, but i could see (and have seen) how it plays out when things go wrong.

He says mean-ish things and might call a kid or two a poop head, but that’s the extent of his maliciousness. He’s never brazenly threatened a child in front of a parent.

Momma bear was not happy about restraining herself, but at the same time proud she did.

*back pat* x 2

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