So this morning was a welcome breakfast in my son’s new classroom. I guess it was an opportunity to meet the other parents and the teacher. I was pretty much interested in chatting with the teacher to give her the low down and i was dying to see how the last couple days had gone.

His kindergarten teacher sent home info daily. Nothing in-depth, just a colored check to indicate whether or not he had trouble that day. So far first grade has been communication-free.

So we walk in, my son and i, and we were there about one minute when a girl sashays up to Gage and pokes him.

I think, “Here we go.” So i ask my child who has suddenly begun trying to attach himself to me like an extra appendage, “is this one of your friends?”

He inaudibly mumbles something and shrugs.

I introduce myself to her and shake her hand.

“Gage gets in trouble ..A LOT.”

Honey. This is not how to start a relationship with me. If you want to impress the mom of the boy you like, don’t open with a tattle. Suddenly, my appendage breaks off and starts sputtering things like “nu-uh” and “no i don’t”

So i brush it off  because, lets face it, this is not news to me. The only question is the degree to which the word “trouble” applies.

So i walk around the classroom with my son and he’s pointing things out and telling me what charts are and what this and that does, etc. His shadow is lurking behind us at every turn.

Then another kid comes up, a boy, and pokes at his shirt. My son says hello and the boy takes off.  We are only on the third day of school and he’s made at least two friends. .. one is still questionable, though. The boy did not tattle on him!

Thankfully for my son, the social aspect of school is probably never going to be an issue. For this, i am thankful. Very thankful. I myself was always such a shy kid and i didn’t really put much effort into meeting people. For those few who put themselves in my path, i held on dearly to them – and still do for the most part – but for Gage, he needs minions playmates to help as an outlet for his imagination. Playground is a holodeck for him. If you do not wish to be directed in his games and scenarios, hit the road because he is interested in creating a world for himself and anyone who wants to play .. on his terms, of course!

My mom always told (what i saw as) tall tales about my oldest brother getting phone calls starting in kindergarten and never stopping from there. I thought she was exaggerating. Now i see glimpses of this Don Juan in my own child and i wonder where his superpowers will take us. My husband always joked that if he uses his powers for good and not evil, he will be amazing. His ‘powers’ being mostly the blue eyes he got from his daddy. That and his smile have the potential to melt many hearts … i wonder when he will find the ones who wont tattle on him..?

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