The Other Side

Sometimes i wonder what life looks like from my husband’s vantage point.

Like, seriously.

This is not a husband-bashing post, but wouldn’t it be interesting? I don’t want to switch places, per say, but i would love to get a small glimpse into his mind of what reality looks like from his side of the bed/fence/stairs/bathroom door. I bet it’s a lot more quiet. The kids don’t really run to him asking for anything unless i send them to do it.

Feeling sick or just generally ‘not well’ means you get to lay down and rest. You get to veg. You get to just do what you’ve got to do to make yourself feel better. That’s the end of the thought. There’s medicine to help you achieve this. Food .. somewhere. .. in the fridge maybe? Pantry, certainly, and I would mostly know where it all was unless my wife was home. Then i’d forget all of it. When i was feeling generous and thoughtful, i’d offer to help out with the kids. I’d of course have my phone in-hand in case something, anything, could distract me from actually paying attention to them, but my body would be in the room.

Manual labor would certainly be in the forefront of my mind. He does things like move furniture and keep the garage walkable. I am appreciative of the balance we have achieved in the areas we’ve actually achieved it.

But it must feel good to know that you will have clean underwear and socks when you pull open a drawer (most of the time) … or at the very least, and basket within arms reach full of all sorts of unsorted clean wrinkled clothes to choose from.

There is always soap and shampoo in the shower.

There’s always toilet paper, and if there’s not, who cares?

I imagine it would be nice not to care what was for dinner, and just be happy there’s food on a clean plate every night. I’m pretty sure he enjoys eating at the table as a family.

What’s it like to know that your kids are up to date on shots and doctor visits. It isn’t necessary to have a pediatrician entered into my phone because who needs it? You only need that for paperwork and documents…. how would that serve me as a husband?

I’d like to say that it would be nice to experience our life for one day from my husband’s point of view, but i know me too well. It would drive me absolutely bonkers to see that and still go forward. You can’t unsee that sort of thing. I’d never be able to unlearn certain things.

It would just give me more to nag him about, really. I do enough of that. Also, i’m sure i’d see a whole new side of how he views me and despite my warnings that if he’d do what i said things would be easier, i don’t want to see that, either.

Things that make you go ‘hmmm’

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