shopping, cont.

As a follow up to the make up shopping trip, i wanted to jot down my fantastic experience with my daughter! I almost forgot to do this.

So we finish supplying myself with my war paint, and move to the children’s clothing. My little 2 year old is growing rapidly and we could always use a cute new outfit. This is never a phase you grow out of as a girl! So we head up, and my little shopper in training makes mommy proud. She points out the one single Miss Piggy outfit we have ever seen.

“Do you want to get this?”


nooooo problem!

We buy the outfit – which was on sale.

I really couldn’t be more proud

The cashier was beside herself with how cute my kid is … and i can’t blame her !

She puts the outfit in a bag, hands it to Gemma who quickly says “thank you!”  and my daughter….

*pause for emotion*

insists on carrying the bag out.


it was such a mom/daughter shopping moment… and i’m not sure everyone understands, and that’s ok. I wanted to write this down for my own sake later on, after bedtime saps all the good happy moments of the day out of my memory banks.

At first she wanted the bag in the stroller. She took half a step and said, “No. Carry bag.” She picked the bag up and proudly held it up the whole way. We also took the escalator down (another first) and she was holding that bag like a trophy.

She held her bag and walked next to me as i was pushing the empty stroller all the way to the van.

She said “Thank you, mommy” about three more times on the way to the car.


it was such a fantastic birthday shopping experience with her, i cannot do it justice with these words.

It all ended quickly once we were in the car and she was belted in, but damn if i didn’t soak in that 30 minute experience and file it away in my brain.

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