I’m well aware of the saying you are not handed a challenge bigger than you can take on… but i’m not sure. I’m pretty much standing on the borderline of my limit and all i feel is a headache and what might be the beginning of an ulcer… but only on one side, and near […]

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I have stopped myself from writing on this subject over and over again.. I TRY to respect the feelings of certain people in my family, but you know what? Quite frankly, i humiliate and spurn my own offspring as frequently as I want, so i don’t know why I feel i can’t to everyone else […]

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The calendar says it’s October 15th. Just about halfway through the month. Halfway to Halloween. (one my my fav holidays!) Approaching the edge of reason to BUY a costume for your kid from Target. Any longer and you’re riffling through bags thrown onto the floor, and it’s likely the entire costume is not in there […]

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Recently i have figured out I have a terrible condition. It is not contagious, but it is isolating. It’s hard to contain and even harder – it seems – to manage. There is a cure, but it takes time and luck. I have discovered since the recent move that i have diarrhea of the mouth. […]

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Hormone Overload

Lately i’ve been on a hormone roller coaster that has me doing loopty loops and roundabouts. I can’t explain it, i’m just feeling it. It’s always around when i ovulate. In addition to having some cramping when i ovulate, i get to have super PMS twice a month, it seems. This is a new development. […]

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Rocket Science

I was caught up in an article tonight. The picture used was a young girl crying and her parents arguing in the background. To further tug at your momma heartstrings, one parent was holding a baby. The title was something to the effect of Surprising Study Finds Yelling at Your Kids Does Longterm Damage. (i […]

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More Milestones

My daughter hit another milestone today … redneck as it may be, it still counts. She went up the McDonald’s play Place!! Not quite by herself, but with her 6 year old bodyguard. a.k.a. Big Brother Gage She was such a brave little darling up there among the boogers and bacteria and germs !! She […]

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It’s kind of sad how ‘lucky’ i feel when we get a good teacher. Having worked in the education field for a few years, i have firsthand knowledge of what CAN happen in SOME classrooms… and in some teacher’s minds. I have seen jaded teachers who sincerely do it for a paycheck… undeservedly small as […]

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