Big Wiener/Weiner Winer

For the record, i looked up “Weiner” online (weiner dog, actually, just to give it context. i did not need to see the images and pages a simple word like Weiner would give me) to find the correct spelling and couldn’t get a consistent answer. I did not look past the first page, of course, […]

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My little vacuums have won tonight. I have no energy and it’s 7:29. It feels like 10:29. I have no reason to be this exhausted!! That’s the kicker! I don’t clean and toil all day! I don’t cook 7 course meals! Hell, i didn’t even give the kids a bath tonight, so what the hell […]

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Girl Power

I had a great morning with my daughter today. Every morning is good, we wake up, we play, we take my son to school, come back home and play more. Today, however, we had a playdate at a whole new adventure for her. It was a ‘bounce house’. It was at a kiddie sports play […]

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My Kids

I wanted to write somewhat of a letter to my kids. I want you to know how much you are loved, and how i am truly thankful and proud to call you mine. Your dad and I have always wanted you, and we were over the moon when we found out you would be taking […]

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Relocating Posts

Over the next few days, i need to relocate some of my old entries from another site that failed to maintain an operational status for their users. I suppose I could just copy and paste the old entries into Word and save it that way, but then i wouldn’t get to share my poignant and […]

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One of the parenting differences At 12:30 am this morning my son wakes me up by screaming the house down.  I jump out of bed out of preservation. I dont want him waking up the 2 yr old in the bunk below. I’m telling him between a clenched jaw to be QUIET and not wake […]

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