Mall Shmall!

When i was a teenager, it was my mission in life to get       to         The Mall. Any means necessary. Even public transportation *horror music plays* I don’t know why. Maybe because it beat sitting at home alone with the TV on.. maybe it was so i could fantasize about being able to actually walk into […]

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I’m such a newbie up here in the Northwest, it’s almost comical. It’s a good thing i have little to no self respect. Pushing out two kids the old fashioned way in a room full of strangers, and my husband, kind of stripped a lot of self-importance away. go figure So when stupid questions must […]

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I cannot, and hope to never understand what the parents of those Connecticut victims are going through. It’s unimaginable to try and fathom what and how this would happen. I went through a rollercoaster of wanting to know, to be informed of what’s going on, and then immediately wanting to unknow all of the information […]

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A New Path

So i’m slowly making my way down a new path with my son. He’s 6 and very much a character. From the beginning he’s been my challenging one. Sweet, sassy, opinionated and independent are just a few of the words that come to mind. He was a colicky baby who ended up in a correctional […]

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Dear Santa

I never got around to sending my list to you  because i feel we’re at a place where i can just speak out loud and you’ll hear me. This is my son’s take on the whole thing, anyway. So here’s my list. 1. Kids who go to sleep at bedtime (it’s not much and epic […]

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Twilight Zone

It’s been a weird 24 hours here. It all started last night when i had my therapist appointment. I’ve only met with this woman once, but i was really positive and felt great after that initial meeting. I thought at the time 6 pm was late for an appointment, but she said she’d just be […]

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Bah Humbug!

Holy shit, the holidays are stressful. I remember looking forward to the cold winter after we moved here. I’m finally in a place where there are noticeable seasons! Not just double digits as a respite from the triple digits. I did not, however, factor in a traveling husband, a seemingly always bored restless six year […]

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Keep on Truckin’

So I suppose this is the magical year. The year I finally woke up on Dec 9th and didn’t think about “what was happening ___ years ago right now.” or ____ years ago today or ____ years ago this same time. My dad died 11 years ago today. For the last ten years i’ve recited […]

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Cabin Fever

So i’m in the home stretch of my husband’s loooooong business trip. Three weeks being El Solo Parento. My mom does live here, so i DO realize it could be MUCH worse. I had a five week stint totally solo in May in Austin before the move that I can recall vividly. However, that isn’t […]

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Tell Me, Baby!

So yesterday I began the … interesting.. journey of THERAPY. This will be the second time i’ve done it. The first time started as marriage counseling and I took a couple of opportunities to go by myself. It’s interesting.It’s a little uncomfortable for me because i don’t like being the center of attention. Don’t get […]

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