I cannot, and hope to never understand what the parents of those Connecticut victims are going through. It’s unimaginable to try and fathom what and how this would happen.
I went through a rollercoaster of wanting to know, to be informed of what’s going on, and then immediately wanting to unknow all of the information as it sunk into my brain.

I fought off the dread and the sorrow that follows information of 20 children being gunned down in their own classroom(s). How do you not get anxious and jaded and terrified for your own kids and society?!

Watching the photos that flashed on the screen across ten channels forced me to picture my own son and what he would have looked like if this was our reality and not something that happened on the other side of the country. That’s when i got emotional. The terror of going down to that hurricane of confusion and chaos and trying to find your one little child in the midst of sirens and cars and other parents and media cameras.

There are so many levels of disbelief and nausea. There is a limit to the amount of information we need to have. Where it happened. When it happened. Who did it, and are they still at large. That’s where it should end.

The circus of news that drags this on and on and on and on and on for hours and hours is relentless and completely unnecessary. I understand news is a business, but when the news is a tragedy of this magnitude, the respect for the families and the space to allow the authorities to do their jobs in the amount of time it needs to be done should outweigh a frivolous news conference about how the victims and families are ‘feeling’. What kind of idiotic insensitive question is that ?! And why is it being televised? ! Why are you holding up the investigation and possible leads and further protection and justice by allowing idiotic reporters to ask two kinds of questions. The kind that they KNOW the police cannot answer to protect the investigation, and the idiotic predictions and suppositions of the facts.

Makes me sick. The whole f-ing circus is just so out of control and sad.

I am anticipating a very joyous and emotional pick up at school today, and i will thank God all day long that I am lucky enough to be able to go collect my child from school, take him home, hug him and kiss him and ask about his day without tales of horror and terror. I will also be thinking of the parents that will not get to do this, and say a prayer they somehow heal… though i do not understand how someone could. I will also say a prayer for the children of the adult victims who wont be there to protect their children, or hug them, or tell them another bedtime story.

I will also say a prayer for the state of society.  Somehow it has become so broken that teachers are somehow expected to know how to react to this very scenario? The media knows how and when to report on such stories is also disturbing and sad. Where has this society gone so wrong that communities cannot at the very least expect the most degenerate and vile to respect the innocence of the children?

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