I’m such a newbie up here in the Northwest, it’s almost comical. It’s a good thing i have little to no self respect. Pushing out two kids the old fashioned way in a room full of strangers, and my husband, kind of stripped a lot of self-importance away.

go figure

So when stupid questions must be asked, i’m the woman for the job.

My husband and I are going away for the weekend for our Anniversary. To a cabin. Sounds romantic, right? Well once we factor in the weather (snowing) and the distance from home (2 hours) and the remoteness of the location (no Target or Starbucks around) it’s kind of a recipe for a good blog post. .. i will be optimistic and not say disaster.

So i had to send an email to the cabin owner and ask if we needed chains or snow tires, or what paraphernalia. She told me chains are required in the car, but snow tires are pretty much useless and no one in the area uses them.

ok. mental note taken.

So now to find chains. A local tire place carries them, great. $90. Then the blatant nOOb question: “how many pairs do we need?”


“It’s a front wheel drive van, do we put them on the back?”  (i asked this because the ‘how to install’ vid showed the installation on the rear tires)

“Nope, that wont do you any good. They go on the front.”

ok, thanks.

Any other instincts I have while in the moment, i now know to do the exact opposite of what to me would be common sense guesses.

Nothing like cementing your absolute ignorance for the area to really make you feel like an idiot and you cannot survive a winter .. in a relatively mild climate compared to some. ..

Now, which way to the remote snowy cabin ?!!

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