TV and Kids

So i woke up this morning telling myself i would NOT use the TV before my easily over-sensitized son goes to school. I was curious if it would make the walk out the door happen quicker and with less screeching and repeating from moi.

I made it one hour.

Well, almost… depending on how you look at it. My little monsters woke up at SIX AM. So i put on a movie in their room to keep them in their beds until a more acceptable daylight-lit time.

So after about 45 minutes, they wanted out of jail … errr.. i mean room.

So we did breakfast, got through that with no TV.

They played for about 30 minutes, we got through that.

My son even got dressed without hassle .. almost. Thankfully my seriously lacking domestic skills paid off. Since i had the laundry in the living room (already sorted, thankyouverymuch) i quelled the instant fit of having to leave the living room with “Hey, here’s your clothes, lets pick what you’re gonna wear!”

And he picked, and he got dressed, and i didn’t have to repeat anything to get it done.

Then they started playing again.. no TV still. Changed the little one’s diaper… then the rowdiness began. Something i normally can put up with, but hubby was here and his tolerance is WAY lower than even mine. Factor in the business call downstairs, the big one starts jumping around which, if you’re in the basement, sounds like elephants are dancing the Watusi upstairs.

So we turned on the TV as Curious George started.

Instant calm and silence.

So i made it an hour without the TV on and so far no one’s head has exploded. Whereas if i didn’t use the TV, MY head would have exploded.

So who says TV isn’t good for kids?! It helps keep mine alive.


2 thoughts on “TV and Kids

    1. thanks 🙂 With Gage i rarely had it on .. and if so, only 1 or 2 shows a day. With Gemma, she is totally addicted to the thing! So it’s easy to entertain her with it..and it keeps them from arguing and bickering = bonus!
      bad momma 😦


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