Brain Eaters & Randomness

That’s my pet name for my kids. Affectionate, no?

I said something to my husband last night that, i think, took him by surprise. No, not “let’s do it.” And no, not “All the laundry is done!”

He was playing on the floor with our 2 year old daughter. I just had to repeat the phrase “Go brush your teeth.” roughly three times to my 6 year old son interspersed between bouts of fits and defiant “NO!” from him. Once the room was clear i said, “We are lucky we only have one of her.”

he looked at me confused:  “huh? why?”

“If they were all like her we’d have three or four kids.”

He looked confused. “why? because she’s good?”


This is not to say i don’t love my son. I do. At times i feel very lucky to be his mom. However, the fact remains he’s a very demanding and challenging person. Luckily, he was blessed with a patient and good-natured Libra mom. If he had two Scorpio parents, he’d be screwed!

My husband issued a challenge to me the other day. Saturday night – a few days before payday – he says “We might actually get to put some money in savings this month! I can’t believe it. Usually it’s gone by now.”

So i took that as a green light to go to Target yesterday.

That’ll learn him.

It’s like praising the children as they are playing nicely. Never look them in the eye and acknowledge the good at the time it’s happening, or you’re just saying “Hey, stop doing that and go back to being yelling hitting screaming imps please!”


I have taken on the behemoth task of getting all the laundry done today. Afterall, i’m a stay at home mom. I should have nothing but time and opportunity, right? I mean let’s face it. On the weekends, when everyone is home, nothing but productive chores and lists get completed , right? There’s so many opportunities for proactive productivity!


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