Just a Thought

Here’s a thought: Daytime commercials suck. If i have to hear another “tired of feminine odor problems?” or “tired of your tampon not working?” commercial, i’m gonna scream.

… or write a rambling blog post.

I might have the TV on during the day. Possibly. My child might even watch a few shows. If i dare to stray from PBS or Nick Jr, i’m bombarded by ridiculous mind-numbing commercials for a variety of ‘feminine issues’.

What the hell?! If i were a man opting to stay home with my kids, i’d shoot my TV. If i were laid off of a job and stuck at home all day, i’d possibly hang myself by the TV cord to make a statement… and first stick winged pads over my eyes, ears, and mouth. … or instead of the TV cord, perhaps tie the strings of 100 tampons together. Thankfully there are plenty of ads on TV to let me know which has the most durable string!

And to alleviate any clean up, depending on how i’d off myself, i could coat the room in pads and Depends to make it more sanitary.

But people might be confused by the fact the liquid absorbed wasn’t blue.

Who pees blue? Who bleeds blue liquid?!

Granted, yellow and red and all the colors in between would be vile to see, but why do we need a demonstration at all?! You know what they SHOULD demonstrate?! HOW to use the damned things! I had no idea when i was ready to try it out. Thank goodness i had a shameless friend who enlightened me.


Anyway, these are just random thoughts of a stay at home mom trying to balance some ‘me time’ while my kid naps… TV is involved, computer time is involved, no cleaning or wine to be had, though.

Just keepin’ it real

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