The Yoga Ball

If you’re a person who clicked on this because you know me, shame on you!! Were you looking for a story of an embarrassing explosion because you know how very giant i am and how very fragile and … umm, well it’s a glorified balloon under this gargantuan rear end ?!

I don’t blame you, i would too, and it hasn’t happened…. yet.

So i’m at Target to buy my son some socks. It’s been at least three shoe sizes since the last round, so i figured it was time. So of course i’m browsing the aisles for all the random Target shit i really never knew i needed, but for some reason today was the day i had to buy it.

I happen upon their optimistic aisle. The aisle with all the new, easy, friendly exercise equipment. Yoga balls, hand barbells/light weights and jump ropes. I’ve been debating whether or not to get a yoga ball for a while. It’s marketed as the workout that you don’t have to think about, exert energy for, try or watch a video for.

You know, the perfect workout for a fat chick!

And the light weights were only $4, and it was 2lbs, so why not? My arms seemed to reach for it of their own accord… as if my body is screaming for help and my mouth is sabotaging it with the help of spoons and forks.

So i finally picked up the yoga ball box. The thought of getting one for my son to use to help with the wiggling was the reason i got so close, actually. The ‘small’ size was still too big for him, so i looked at LARGE for my own hiney. First thing i checked was the weight limit. I was surprised to see it was 300lbs. It really is the fat chick’s exercise friend! And if i don’t eat dinner or snack today, i could possibly sit on it without an explosion!

I had to start somewhere. After losing 39lbs on Weight Watchers two years ago, i’m back up more than half.


I could blame it on stress and moving and lots more stress, but that’s just bullshit. The stress didn’t put a bigger helping on my plate or buy chocolate, my unself controlled ass bought it AND ate it.

So here i go. Back on the proverbial wagon. I have WW recipes pinned and a yoga ball (still in the box) ready to go.

Wish me luck & motivation!

5 thoughts on “The Yoga Ball

  1. Good luck and motivation! I went back to my meeting today for the first time in 8 weeks (selling house stuff, Christmas vacation, packing, Juliette surgery, moving) and I’m up 6.6lbs already. Not a good start to the new year, but I’m with you. Our new place has two pools within walking distance (both heated), I have two children who need some serious chasing when we’re at the park, and my kitchen is fully unpacked. No more excuses!


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