Pinterest can suck it

I love my Pinterest account, but damn if it doesn’t make me feel like a 2 inch tall parent! I see all these “Rainy day activities” and “Educational tools” and “Decorate with duct tape and straws” and “Gourmet meals beginning with farming your own meat and veggies” and here i am … with the kids […]

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The Light

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! My husband gets back tomorrow after 2 weeks away. I can finally tag team the other parent of these li’l whippersnappers. … well, after the required jet lag is dealt with, at least…. then he’s back to regular work, so i’m still solo during […]

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I love you BUT These are totally first world problems, i know. But still. So my husband gets to is forced to travel for work pretty often. It really isn’t too big of a deal, but it’s for 2 weeks at a time usually… and when you factor in the zombie period when he’s first […]

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There comes a time for every mom when she has to make a choice. To allow the nap, or not to allow the nap. Crazy to even consider this is a question, right?! At some point your kid hits the dreaded age where they’ve outgrown their nap. I’m not talking about introducing a ‘quiet time’ […]

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What We REALLY Want

I have the answer you’re looking for this Valentine Eve, men. Ready? There’s a guy with beautiful pecs, rock hard abs, dripping wet. He’s leaning against a counter. He’s got that sexy glint in his eye. His big firm capable hands are holding … a soapy dish in one hand and a sponge in the […]

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Holy Crap

I didn’t know what else to call this post. Sadly, that was the best i had. So i’m often overwhelmed by how challenging my kids can be. .. my son especially. Every once in a while, the universe puts it all in perspective for me. I made a stop at Target today after picking up […]

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My Grammy Summary

So i am by no means a music buff. But i do appreciate a good tune. I have even been known to belt one out when the only ears to torture are mine own. And those of my children… but i figure it goes with the minivan territory. Perhaps that is why my son’s favorite […]

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I’m not a very compassionate or overly “nicey nice” type person. Having said that, my type of personality makes some parenting choices especially difficult. Like when my son is being a brat, it’s really hard not to hold a grudge. I don’t care if i sound like i’m 10 right now, it’s my reality. This […]

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Booze Booster

I went out with my husband last night for our pre-sayonara dinner. He gets to leave on these grand (work) trips to another COUNTRY for two weeks every other month or so. I see it as a thinly veiled escape from chaos. He, of course, likes to remind me overandoverandover that “ITS WORK! It’s not […]

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Modern Times

I am thankful i’m alive during these current times for a list of reasons. iPhones while taking children to the store, on a plane, in the car never feeling lost in a new city thanks to turn by turn directions & blue tooth tampons epidurals DVR penicilin pull ups flameless candles But there’s something that […]

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