Booze Booster

I went out with my husband last night for our pre-sayonara dinner. He gets to leave on these grand (work) trips to another COUNTRY for two weeks every other month or so. I see it as a thinly veiled escape from chaos. He, of course, likes to remind me overandoverandover that “ITS WORK! It’s not a vacation!”


Don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t go two weeks without my snot-covered Petri dishes hanging on me. I’d go bonkers. But I figure the ‘work’ would distract me from my gloom well enough.

So in honor of the grand evening, i treated myself to a Red Robin Vojito.

ohmygoddude. SOOOO good. And i have to be kind of picky these days about my alcohol intake. Not because i’m the lush i try and portray myself as. (I WISH!) But because it seems the older i get, the less my body lets me enjoy myself. Alcohol usually just gives me a headache and early to bed for all the wrong reasons.

But i found this one gift from the heavens drink that is YUMMY (a must) and i have yet to regret one.

*angelic chorus sings out in a crecendo*


So last night momma got her DRANK on.

Well, let’s face it, i only had one. Yes ONE. But that ONE was rrrrrreally good. And the best part?! I came home and i was in a GREAT mood!! Who needs prozac?! Just give me a shot of vodka with a little strawberry koolaid and i’m good to go!

…. to an AA meeting

But i digress.

I came home and i was happy and light and not even the




called out from the bedroom moved me to my usual beastly state.

NOPE! I went into my sons room and had a fantastic bedside chat where we were both giggling and having fun and it was certainly a moment. And thankfully since i stopped at 1, i remember the whole thing! Hopefully my vodka breath didn’t cause the lightness in his own mood

Then my husband and I had a great time joking around and being just easy and fun. No tense weirdness about the trip, just easy peasy.

So i guess it’s true what they say. It takes a village to raise a kid. My village is grandma, hubbz, myself, the kids, and Belvedere, Captain Morgan, Jim Beam, Jack and Bacardi.


It makes motherhood life so much more manageable!

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