My Grammy Summary

So i am by no means a music buff. But i do appreciate a good tune. I have even been known to belt one out when the only ears to torture are mine own. And those of my children… but i figure it goes with the minivan territory. Perhaps that is why my son’s favorite spot is the last row  ?? hmmm

Anyway, so i missed the opening – thank God – I understand it was Ms Swift. Her career, unfortunately, has not been so.

Swift, that is.

But there’s hope it’ll piddle out once her devoted fans reach puberty and get sick of the same break-up song… or get married.

It must be said that while i am first and foremost a country fan, i do dabble in pop. I have been known to purchase Now That’s What I Call Music cds even.

“CD?! What’s that?!” You might ask.

It’s was the iTunes predecessor, little ones. I wont even roll the DeLorean’s clock back to ye old audio tape. That would just blow your mind.

(remember rolling the tape back with a pencil and freaking out it might be ruined? good times.)

So I was fairly knowledgeable in most categories and performances.

I’m an hour from the end as my DVR is paused to skip the commercials, but so far here’s my take.

Taylor Swift – meh. Get over yourself and to whomever selects the seating of these jesters: PLEASE do not seat her in the front row again. She’s distracting and apparently dating all of the camera men because they couldn’t resist the sing along shot during every. single. performance.

Miranda Lambert – from one chub to another, fire your stylist (or get one) I love ya, girl, but the itty bitty skirts are not doing the song any favors. She’s usually such a great performer, but the ballads are hard to watch. But i love you and i’d steal a car with you just for the road trippin songs

JT – meh. Not especially impressed with the BoyBand Breakaway Diva

Rihanna – i cannot express in words how disappointing it is to watch you as a woman. You made yourself a public victim and now you are retracing your own bruises. Such a shame to waste such vision with scum. I don’t know her from Adam, but the public information seems to be pretty black and white.

Bruno Mars – the love affair continues. You may be 3 feet tall, but I don’t mind. You could be my own iPod. I’d carry you around in my purse and just push something when i want a new song. Him with Sting , even better, them with the Marley’s – amazing. I will even bite my tongue on commenting about the double duty dreds sweeping the stage.

Whoever was seated in front of Adele – go buy a lotto ticket because your ass is lucky.

Can you imagine hearing her sing along with every performance?!


And ditto on the luck if you were in FRONT of her because the less you saw of that dress, the better! Hideous bathmat sheath.

I’m now a fan of Mumford and Sons. That was pretty cool. I couldn’t fast forward through it and that’s saying something.

Kelly Clarkson, you are one talented Idol !


And Jack White – who i’m always mistakenly thinking “Jack Black” – you can crawl back to the Meatloaf crypt you came out of.

Not a fan, sorry.

And that’s all for now! I’m gonna ff the rest and hit the hay  because i have an incredibly important gig tomorrow myself! Giving quality devoted domestic perfection to each and every family member 🙂

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