Holy Crap

I didn’t know what else to call this post. Sadly, that was the best i had.

So i’m often overwhelmed by how challenging my kids can be. .. my son especially. Every once in a while, the universe puts it all in perspective for me.

I made a stop at Target today after picking up my first grader. To my amazement, both kids behaved famously.

a record, for sure

So we’re finishing up and i’m passing through the kids books and CDs when i hear “Bye bye!”  “Buh Bye!”  “Bye bye!”

In the same deep male voice. I had no idea what I was hearing, as there were a couple of employees also taking cover in this area chatting about anything but work related stuff.

Walking away, i just figured i heard wrong, or someone was messing around.

I herd my cattle to the check stand, unload all the unnecessaries, make it to the credit card machine when i hear the voice again. Turns out it was a very large mentally disabled young man with another guy and their mom – i’m assuming she was their mom.

Nothing makes a crowd more uncomfortable than a big seemingly unstable person.

As much as i’d love to say everyone is wonderful and loved and equal and a human – which is true – a highly impulsive person not fully in control of all their faculties is just a monumentally uncomfortable situation.

This guy was talking about handshake circles and telling the checker to say certain things, and telling the checker to do this and do that.

And i’m just praying my outspoken first grader doesn’t say something hugely embarrassing. (and amazingly, he didn’t)  I kept myself between my kids who were busily playing on my iphone and the family in question.

So then the guy who must’ve been around 19 stands behind the woman and is hugging her from behind, rubbing his face in her ponytail, then moves to the other guy and starts rubbing his cheek on his face.

It was all very alien to me and i just wanted the hell out of there.

And i realized how easy i have it.

I don’t know how parents cope sometimes given those extreme circumstances. I am certain i couldn’t do it. Kuddos to them for sure.

But it still makes me feel like i’m standing near someone juggling with live ammunition.



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