What We REALLY Want

I have the answer you’re looking for this Valentine Eve, men. Ready?

There’s a guy with beautiful pecs, rock hard abs, dripping wet. He’s leaning against a counter. He’s got that sexy glint in his eye. His big firm capable hands are holding …
a soapy dish in one hand and a sponge in the other. He’s washing, oh yea, scrubbing hard. He’s scrubbing the crap out of the baked on casserole from dinner.

Ok ok, i got ya. No really , here’s what we want.

That same hot guy. He’s again half naked and shirtless. He’s sweaty and distracted. He’s distracted by the giant tool he’s holding in his firm grip. He’s looking at you while he holds his tool. You see his lips part and he licks them before asking you, “where do you want it?”
You gasp. Is this really happening?!
“Where do you want me to hang the picture?”

Yesssss !!! Finally !

It’s not rocket science. Men fantasize about women in stupid french maid outfits waving a feather duster around in heels. Women just imagine the same version only the men actually get the work done. It’s the opposite of real life! Guys fantasize the work doesn’t happen, it’s all about the outfit and being distracted by the need for the guy. Women fantasize about men actually getting the job done. Sex would come after he has completed the work. 

So very simple really.

Or, i thought it was until i went online looking for a picture to cement my fantasy theory.

Sadly, i had to search high and low to find something to add here. I was shocked there weren’t more oiled up, dripping wet meat heads elbow deep in some suds.

Truthfully, i had to do a vanilla search because i have my 2 year old in the vicinity. Last thing i want imprinted on her mind is a picture of a naked guy with rubber gloves on. I had no idea a shirtless guy doing housework would be the holy grail.

Talk about life imitating art !!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all get what you truly want. A “job” well done.

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