Pinterest can suck it

I love my Pinterest account, but damn if it doesn’t make me feel like a 2 inch tall parent!
I see all these “Rainy day activities” and “Educational tools” and “Decorate with duct tape and straws” and “Gourmet meals beginning with farming your own meat and veggies” and here i am … with the kids in front of the TV, drinking my Pumpkin Liqueur all “Pssshhh, but i bet they don’t sleep with their husbands anymore” or “yea, but i wonder when the last time they played Musical ‘let’s pick up the dirty dishes before daddy gets home'”, or “Sure she can paint, stucco, wallpaper and build her own living room, but is she sober?!”  or stayed in their PJs until 3 just because they can.

and that makes me a terrible person.

I know deep down – or perhaps more towards the surface- i should feel more, “wow, good for her!” or “she is giving a GREAT name to Stay at Home Moms!” “kuddos for still being sober by bath time!”

But noooOOOOooo

The petty dissatisfied me is more like, “Goddammit, stop making the rest of us look so bad !”

When was the last time you rolled out fondant and baked a 12 layer birthday cake from scratch for your kid and 15 of their closest friends just because you could … or , worse yet, because you happened upon a pin and thought, “I can totally do that!” … and then actually DID IT. ?!

I have always bought my kid’s cakes from the baker… i like to think of myself as Old School. Renaissance-type mom. Back when each person in the village had a job, and you went to that person to support your community and help businesses stay afloat.  I’m not the selfish parent who keeps all that work to herself. I don’t mind spreading around the appreciation for someone else cleaning up all those dirty dishes and fondant-covered counters and flour encrusted aprons.

I’m green. In that i pay someone else to do it.


So to all you prim and proper, pressed and powdered hell bent on capability moms out there. I raise my finger to you! One finger on each hand. I salute your get up and go. I recognize your hard work and dedication, and my thumbs are up to you…..
and perhaps one middle finger.

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