Grieving is a Process

Grieving is a process all by itself. Everyone deals with it differently, and depending on your own level of sadness, it effects your day to day. The last time i lost someone close to me was my dad, and that was 11 years ago. I was single. I didn’t have kids to look after. I […]

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Sudden Loss

  This is my childhood friend. She passed away suddenly yesterday. It’s hard to process the loss of a person who was a giant part of half of your life. She was always a big sister figure to me. Good and bad 🙂 I had just started jr high at a new school. A Catholic […]

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Oldie but Goodie

I’m going through an old blog i had on another site. A terribly operated, poorly kept site. I came across this post from 2011 and found myself laughing out loud to the point my son was offended when i told him what it was about. I thought i’d re-post and see if you find it […]

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Most people have their own definitions of what would qualify for an extravagance. Today, i had groceries delivered. While Skyping with my husband, when i told him my delivery would be arriving soon, he did a great job not reaching through the camera and throttling me. I could tell he thought i lost my mind […]

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Enough Already!

I need a sanity break. I don’t know how the single moms do it. My mom lives with us and is a HUGE help, especially when my husband is traveling and i STILL manage to lose my mind regularly. Oh. My. God. Children can be so clueless sometimes! Imagine that! They are a living testament […]

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Field Trip!

Today I get to go on a field trip to a local fire station … oh, and i guess i’ll bring my daughter. God bless the Moms Club and our coordinator for organizing this outing. Afterall, it’s imperative that the 2 and 3 year olds learn all about fire safety. They’ll retain all of the […]

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Old People

I went to breakfast this morning with my mom and my 2 kids. We were seated next to an older couple who kept nostalgically gazing at my daughter. After a bit of chit chat she told me wistfully how quickly time passes and to enjoy it. “Promise ?!” was my answer. There are times when […]

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Well Played Target,

Well played. I was so excited today to go buy the Rise of the Guardians. (aka Jack Frost movie) My kids enjoyed that movie so much, and it’s one we saw while my husband was away on business. I had this whole family movie night plan laid out in my head for tonight. I picked […]

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