I think i’ve made my love/hate for Pinterest clear. I have a new passion.

21st Century women making their own dish washing soap.

Are you effing kidding me ?!! Is it RRRRREALLY necessary to make your own dish washing liquid?! Is it THAT hard and painful to pay for some Dawn ?! I didn’t realize some people were out there making Dawn Cocktails and have a need to purify the product before imbibing it. … or is it the new snort of choice? Are there women boiling the blue stuff and shooting into their perfect veins?

Seriously. Is it now deemed less than domestic perfection if you walk into the store and are so basic and common you are willing to pay $2.99 for a bottle of dishwashing liquid? Is it now the bar to search, instead, for soap flakes, “Super Washing Soda (NOT Baking Soda)”, borax and Fels Naptha

what the f-ck is SUPER washing soda?! Is it baking soda with a cape on? Is it a box of Mask & Hammer Baking soda?!

Don’t even get me started on how to identify something that is named Fels Naptha.


If i followed these ‘recipes’ for home cleaning products, i’d spend half my days wandering the aisles of the grocery stores and home improvement stores. Then, i’d spend the other part of the day mixing and heating and stirring like the witch i’ve worked very hard to cover up as my real existence.

And where in there is there time to have a cocktail or say hello to your kids?! I’m apparently too busy making the inside of my home an amusement park to distract my children from the evils of ‘screen time’ ; TV, Computer, Tablets, Handheld games and Console games.

Also, let’s not forget, that i’m supposed to be USING said cleaning products, so you can just eliminate time from some other job i’m supposed to be perfecting.

And let’s not forget the homework that not only has to get done, but it has to be done with a pinterest flourish with paints and gels and kool aid, vinegar and a puppet show.

The level of ridiculousness is getting severely comical. It’s getting medicated, i think.

My take on it is this.

There are some of us stay at home moms who recognize when some mothering is needed at home. We want to drop off and pick up our kids from school and hear all about the playground antics and lunch lady gossip. We force ourselves  like sitting down and doing homework with our kids. We don’t mind making three meals a day for hungry mouths in the house. (And seemingly on a constant spiral of doing dishes as a result) We are privileged enough to be able to make the choice to be a SAHM.

There are other moms who are expected to stay home by other people, so they do it. They feel lost and never quite fit being home all day and live on FB and other social media to live out the socializing that becomes lost and forgotten when you chose to be a hermit be a SAHM

Then there are ‘the others’. The women who enjoy being stay at home moms/homemakers. They revel in the daily cleaning lists and menial tasks. They feel this need to fill some sort of success at a workplace with overachieving at home. Their sense of purpose must be filled by more than having happy kids. These happy kids must be cleaned with home made cleaning products, washed in a bathtub that has never known another cleaner than the one boiled and brewed in the kitchen. The food that is prepared was grown and killed in the backyard and toiled and recipe’d over all day long.

I do not necessarily judge these women i have described. To each his own. My thought on it is, WTF, girl ?! Is it seriously that fulfilling to work from the time you open your eyes, to the time you shut them .. periodically .. in the middle of the night because you have a family bed ?!

I just do not understand that mentality.

Now if you’ll excuse me, i need to put my kid down for her nap so i can have my brain all to myself for a small amount of my day … . .. or maybe, just maybe i’ll go knit some doilies. you’ll never know which !!!

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