Alright, Goddamnit!

Alright already! I get it!! I can’t just keep on living life from the couch, eating Costco Pub Mix and throwing scraps to my kids once in a while. I gotta dust off my shoes, find my feet and get movin’.

So i did.

After i was put on blood pressure medication.

Hello. My name is Sarcasmica – not really – and i’m a Weight Watchers dropout.


I once lost 40lbs and i’ve now gained back 30 of it. I am in no way proud of that, but it is what it is. It was a whole lot of going out to eat and not caring about what i put down my gullet.

Was it worth it? … well, i can’t say no because I did it, didn’t i? And it sure was good! Every calorie of all the yummy things i ate… and ate and ate and ate.

But now it’s time to face facts. I am where i’m at now because of choices i made. My choices are not over. Thanks to my husbands very generous employer, we get a reimbursement for money we spend on exercise equipment up to a certain amount. So last weekend we bought a treadmill.


When i did WW i lost weight by walking most mornings about a mile… in the Austin heat. During summer. I imagined all the sweat and heat as a bonus for getting out and doing it. I’m sure a mile in Seattle nowhere near compares to a mile in Austin… although, if you are brave enough to commit to walking outside, the hills are a rival for the heat of Texas.

Anyway. That wont be me. I did it once and nearly killed myself and orphaned my son as a result. I had the bright idea one day to walk to his school, pick him up and walk home.

The problem is we live on a damn near vertical hill and we’re 1/4 mile from the top.

not. smart.

So i will be a basement walker. TV on and all! It’s fantastic !! I HATE HATE HATE the damn timer. I hate watching it while i’m walking on a hamster wheel, i hate how it’s lit up and staring me in the face mocking me as slowly each second ticks by. I start to talk myself out of a normal length walk and start saying things like, “If i can make it to ten minutes, that’s better than not even starting, right?!”

So i’m happy to say that staring me even bigger in the face is my giant TV and handy dandy remote that effectively distracts me from the timer on the evil devil made machine I walk on.

No, it’s not an elliptical, i must remember to be nicer to my treadmill.

I do feel great after i do it…. granted, it’s only been in the house two days, so i’m still in the honeymoon stage. I still have high hopes and fantasies it will give me everything i hope and desire.

But like everything else in this house, i have to put work in to get results…. damnit.


So the good news is i’m doing it. I’m not psyching myself out. Yesterday i did about 20 minutes.. i was fiddling with the controls and had to hop off at one point to preserve my life – and the wall behind the treadmill – but i’m estimating i did 15-20 mins. Today i did 25.

I felt dizzy as hell both times getting off of it, but i did it, and i’ll do it again tomorrow. I’m blessed with a kid who naps, so i have no reason not to go down the stairs, and take a load of laundry with me , and get ‘er done.

I’m even eating an orange right now for f–k sake! What the hell is happening ?!?!

Let’s just hope it doesn’t backfire and my body kills me in rejection of all this foreign activity !!

-tons of fun hoping to downgrade to lbs of fun :O0 (oink)


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