Is It Bedtime YET?!

Holy shit, what a day so far. And it’s only 11:42.

The day started with a minor emergency. I was up with my daughter at 7. Around 7:20 we turn on trusty ol’ reliable Sesame Street. I hadn’t yet had coffee or breakfast and was still zoning out when it happened.

Screams all around the Puget Sound.

PBS went dark.

Right in the middle of Su – – – – per Grover 2.0

I could sense the terror and panic engulfing the moms all over the neighborhood. Breakfast had to be stopped, school prep had to stop.

I think the culprit was Oscar on behalf of the Grouch Mafia. He never has gotten the respect deserved such a devoted and consistent professional Grouch.

I am thankful i had a few on backup a la` the DVR. I said a silent prayer for those frantic parents who had to deal with trying to convince their children Dora or Diego were just as entertaining as SS.

We all know that isn’t true, i don’t care how long those kids are left in the jungles of Central America.

Really, you would think those two would figure out when your parents leave you to the fate of the jungle for an entire day with an empty backpack and supervised only by a baby jaguar and a monkey, there’s a message being sent. Poor kids.

So we get through that bump. Get the 1st grader off to school after frantically finishing up some reading homework about mean sharks wanting to eat meat.

i am not even exaggerating that, either (speaking of messages being sent, huh?!)

We head to the lab so i can do my lab work that has been put off almost a week. I had to fast, so that always complicates it a bit. The night before I had to make sure i had my fill of carbs and sugars to get through the morning without removing any children’s or husband’s appendages.

This also meant no coffee for momma.   now re-read ^^

I was blessedly surprised to have a lab that literally had me walk. right. in.


She couldn’t find a vein. Again, i have this issue! This was an issue when I had blood drawn a couple years back. I was poked and prodded by a newbie three times before demanding a more experienced tech.

So this woman poked me, and then moved the needle around in my arm to try and find a vein while the needle was already under my skin.

Thankfully my daughter was on my lap to distract me. She was facing the other direction due to her sudden stranger aversion.  – perhaps due to the bathroom incident a few weekends ago

So she finds a vein on the side of my arm and we are done.

We head to get some breakfast, then off to Michael’s for some Easter craft supplies.

I picked up 2 bags of plastic easter eggs and hoped my daughter would be so distracted by the iphone games she wouldn’t care about the eggs.


The crying started on the drive home.

“want the egg mommy pease”

I also got a wooden bunny for her to color.. which i offered… to screaming declines.

We finally get home and she’s still whimpering and crying and hiccuping.

I declare nap time.

10 minutes of screaming and yelling and baby gate kicking from her had me sighing and wishing i practiced yoga.

She’s officially 2 1/2, people. Yesterday was the official day,but darling that she is, i got a small miniscule reprieve to today.

Let the games and tantrums begin. We have reached full blown toddler hood.

This is where i start buying my liquor in bulk.

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