Well Played Target,

Well played.

I was so excited today to go buy the Rise of the Guardians. (aka Jack Frost movie) My kids enjoyed that movie so much, and it’s one we saw while my husband was away on business. I had this whole family movie night plan laid out in my head for tonight. I picked up my son from school and told him we were off to Target for the movie.

We were all jazzed.

Then i checked the ad and saw they had a bonus deal even. The blu ray combo pack came with 2 wind up eggs!


After chanting to myself, “i am just here for the movie. i am just here for the movie” we saw just the plain old blu ray pack in the movie section. sans free toys.

Confused, i headed to the checkstand where, lo and behold!! The eggs were there! … attached to the DVD box.

*wa wa waaaaaa*

After asking the pedophile mustached manager what the deal was, and not getting an answer other than a shoulder shrug and ‘sorry’, i called another store to no avail.

You want to see a dog with a bone? I saw an opportunity to get bonus points from the kids if i could just find that damned package. The BLU RAY EGG package.

At this point my son is riffling through the dollar bins … which they sneakily add $3 toys while I sit on the phone with another store.

“But Sarcasmica, why were YOU on the phone with another store and not a Target employee?!” you may wonder. To which i will tell you, that’s a damned good question and i’m perturbed the employees seem only to be trained in shoulder shrugs and “sorry”s. No one was willing to help me out with this predicament.

I had a stroke of genius. I bought the movie, but went to customer service in the off chance someone may have returned one.

I know, right?! Genius.

And i explained to the adult customer service representative my predicament.

She turned her movie return bin upside down and declared, “Here’s one!”

My heart surged.


“Yes! But it’s a DVD”




DUDE!! you have a bajillion DVD egg packs on the shelf. I need the BLUUUUUU RAAAAAYYYYYY- uh !!

So i was SOL.

shit. outta. luck.

As a consolation, my son asked for a pretzel.

Sure, why not. Feed disappointment with carbs, son. It works, but only until you find yourself on a treadmill in a basement walking away from the bottle of blood pressure meds.

We get to the parking lot as the carbs turn into sugar and hit my kid’s brain. He short-circuits and realizes we never found the elusive egg movie box.  There is no reasoning, and my peaceful mom bonus point trip to Target to get a fun movie for us turned into a frustrating, tail-chasing, argument completely overshadowing the fact that i did actually manage to walk out of Target having ONLY purchased the movie and NOTHING ELSE!!!

Do you understand what i’m saying ?!!

I left without succumbing to the evil Target eye of senseless purchasing !!!

And all my son can focus on is we have no cheap plastic stupid wind up egg toy that will probably only jump four times before getting buried at the bottom of the toy box until next Easter when i finally decide to just toss it. I decided to save the DVD vs Blu Ray conversation for dad. I can only chase my tail so many times in one day.


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