Field Trip!

Today I get to go on a field trip to a local fire station … oh, and i guess i’ll bring my daughter. God bless the Moms Club and our coordinator for organizing this outing.
Afterall, it’s imperative that the 2 and 3 year olds learn all about fire safety. They’ll retain all of the info, surely, right?! And i’m sure no one will be paying any attention to the moms drooling and batting their eyelashes at the strong capable men teaching our children about hazards and safety.

Nothing gets moms out of yoga pants faster than a sexy fireman …. out of yoga pants and into something less comfortable .. like jeans! Get your minds out of the gutter!!!

This little rendezvous couldn’t come at a better time, either. My husband is doing yet another 2 week out-of-country stint for work and momma needs some eye candy!

Let’s just hope they don’t let anyone near the hoses today. The last thing i need is for my daughter to Skype with daddy and tell him all about the fireman’s hose and how mommy made it spray.

I don’t even feel the least bit foolish for blow drying my hair despite the rain outside, and the eyeshadow. I might even dig to the depths of my purse, past the diapers and wipes and cracker crumbs, beyond the action figures and spare socks to find my crusty old tube of lip gloss!

hubba hubba!!

If it goes well, i might have to ask for a demonstration on CPR… you know, for the kids. It’s all for the kids, kids.

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