Old People

I went to breakfast this morning with my mom and my 2 kids. We were seated next to an older couple who kept nostalgically gazing at my daughter.

After a bit of chit chat she told me wistfully how quickly time passes and to enjoy it.

“Promise ?!” was my answer.

There are times when I wonder when my daughter got so big. At only 2 1/2 it seems not much time could have possibly passed… but that 2 1/2 years is her whole life. And it has gone quickly. But will i REALLY miss the terrible 2s ? REALLY? I will tell you what i WILL miss.

Her being small in my arms.

The love and adoration she – mostly – looks at me with.

I don’t have to spend money on a kids meal when we go out to eat

She’s free most fun places I want to take my kids

Her sweet way of saying “Mama”

She still has manners

Her chubby little toes and how she likes me to paint them

Reading her bedtime stories

she doesn’t know any curse words yet


Just some off the top of my head. So here’s to all those out there who like to preach how quickly the time flies.

Yes. We know it does because we are living it. Especially when you have more than one. It seems to go quicker with every consecutive child you bring into this world. We are aware of it and around 20 minutes past their bedtime when all is quiet and blissful do we like to ruminate on such thoughts. Not first thing in the morning when I have an entire day ahead of me to keep them happy, busy, safe, and somewhat enlightened.





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