So i came across this article today. This is one thing very wrong with the world right now. Public displays of punishment. I’m not talking about the parents, i’m talking about the reaction to the punishment.

Who is anyone to say what they choose to do in their family is right or wrong? We don’t know what led to the choice that this is the kid’s consequence.

First we say it’s terrible no one is holding kid’s accountable. There are no consequences. Parents aren’t involved.

Now it’s too harsh. Everyone feels they need to chime in on how two complete strangers handled their teenager.

Does it suck to be the kid who had to do this? Probably. This could be a discussion if you know any facts at all about the story, but stoning the parents for choosing to be involved and try something is not acceptable.

The public is not responsible for that girl getting her homework done, therefore they have no say in the punishment should she fail to do her job as a student and member of that family.

You don’t know what will come of this action for the girl. Maybe she will be so angry she’ll be inspired to become something because of how her parents handled this situation. Maybe she’ll actually do her homework because of this extreme consequence. Maybe she’ll sneak out every night and wind up pregnant.

No one knows! But it becomes very dangerous when you interfere with family business. You don’t know what will work to inspire, click, engage, enlighten a teenager.

They are aliens.

Think of the worst tantrum your toddler has ever had in public. How did you handle it? Were there camera phones pointed at you?

NOW think of the worst tantrum your kid has had at home and the time you reacted the worst to it.

What if there was a camera in your house?

Still judging another parent, Judgy McJudgeballs?

I know i’d be screwed. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes.. sometimes on an hourly basis depending on how the night and morning went. We all make our own choices for our own families. That’s the beauty of this country. We are free to make our own stupid choices. There’s no law against intelligent-deficient people making babies. Just look at our government!

Hey, at least the couple is still married! They obviously were on the same page about punishment. There’s something to say about that, right? The girl has it good, man!

Are these parents smart?

That doesn’t seem to be the case to me, no. Especially when the mom says something to the effect of, “It never occurred to me it would wind up on social media by way of people’s smart phones.”

Social media will haunt us all if we don’t think more than 5 seconds about what we’re doing if what we are doing it outdoors.

I’m not saying the punishment fit the crime, but just because the choice they made is out-of-the-box for most parents, does that mean they can’t step foot outside for fear of any backlash to their family?

Next time you read about a parenting choice of someone not related to you and your panties get twisted over it, just remember to take a minute and just cool your tits.

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