Is It Bedtime YET?!

Holy shit, what a day so far. And it’s only 11:42. The day started with a minor emergency. I was up with my daughter at 7. Around 7:20 we turn on trusty ol’ reliable Sesame Street. I hadn’t yet had coffee or breakfast and was still zoning out when it happened. Screams all around the […]

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Why SAHMoms Get Fat

Because it’s easy as hell! We are home most of the day. We are home with our child(ren) most of the day. We are taking care of and entertaining and fussing over our kids all day long. Our choice is to drink or eat. My choice was always to eat. It makes life at home […]

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Alright, Goddamnit!

Alright already! I get it!! I can’t just keep on living life from the couch, eating Costco Pub Mix and throwing scraps to my kids once in a while. I gotta dust off my shoes, find my feet and get movin’. So i did. After i was put on blood pressure medication. Hello. My name […]

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I think i’ve made my love/hate for Pinterest clear. I have a new passion. 21st Century women making their own dish washing soap. Are you effing kidding me ?!! Is it RRRRREALLY necessary to make your own dish washing liquid?! Is it THAT hard and painful to pay for some Dawn ?! I didn’t realize […]

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To Pill or Not To Pill

That is my question. I’ve been procrastinating a dangerous thing. I’m in some kind of denial about my health right now. Entirely because i’m disgusted with myself. A little over 2 years ago i joined Weight Watchers. It took a year to lost 40lbs. I told myself it took that long because i was making […]

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Mom Lesson 758

Apparently we are never EVER supposed to lose sight of our children … like, ever. I’ll rewind because today was fraught with at least 27 of those 758 lessons. Up first, i will from here on out always ALWAYS put my 2 year old in a nighttime pull up/diaper/pad with masking tape/pillow case, whatever i […]

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Gateway Drug

Drinking at 21 is the lure into adulthood. It’s a lure that makes you believe the consequences can be contained within a toilet bowl. You think its all fun and games until … BAM! You have to get a job And pay taxes And BILLS and social navigating and rent and school loans and BILLS […]

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