I had a dream last night. My friend and I were in her car driving down PCH. Her shiny black karmann ghia. We were laughing and joking and smiling. The windows were down. It was fantastic. The radio was on, the sun was shining. After driving for a bit, i turned to her as she […]

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Time Frame

As i sit here tonight twiddling my thumbs, i am feeling strange. My husband is away – again – and the kids are in bed, and i’ve finished my OC Housewives and it’s only 9:30. Now what? We’ve been in this house, in this state, for nearly a full year. Two months shy of 1 […]

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So i’ve recently discovered i can keep an eye on how many views this little under-the-radar, small town blog gets. I’m 2 from 1000 ! As my husband points out, i have a lot of entries, so that actually doesn’t equal a whole lot, but i don’t care. I’m gonna be a man about it […]

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Going Downhill

.. fast. I used to be a socially acceptable human being… after high school, of course. When i was in (community) college, i didn’t go to school in sweats and yoga pants. In all fairness, the yoga pant craze hadn’t hit yet. I didn’t wear stretch pants anywhere I had jeans on, damnit. Dirty, clean, […]

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Not the Diva

For many reasons, this is true. My son is home from school today. He had an earache last night and a cough all week. Tomorrow is PJ/popcorn/stuffed animal party day. He can’t miss that, so i kept him home to try and get better. We have our priorities here in the Sarcasmica household. Actually, the […]

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Life Lessons from Costco

So i’m minding my own business, shopping at Costco this morning. My 2 year old is being good, and i’ve mostly filled my cart with things i need. … mostly.  I successfully navigated through everything weighing if it would be Weight Watchers appropriate or not. I get to the soups, and i decide i can […]

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SB Chronicles; Day 3

The husband is home again. I’m beginning to feel a bit more like a pit stop on his way back out of town for work at this point. He got back about midnight, so of course i fell asleep about 20 minutes before he walked in the door- at midnight. Then it took me approximately […]

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Spring Break Chronicles: Day 2

I finally did it. I dragged my fat butt and my kid’s skinny ones to a nearby riparian trail. I have no idea what riparian means, but the city is very proud of it because it was on ALL of the redundant signs plastered all throughout the trail. I fished out the Easter Basket overflow […]

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