Spring Break Chronicles: Day 1

We have landed on this rainy island and must find entertainment. Not only for the 1st grader, but for his 2 year old sister as well. The weather outside is frightful.. the fun inside is debatable.
As long as school is a no-go, let them play or color or watch a show.
Here i sit at the oasis of rainy boredom: McDonalds
There is no laundry here.
There are no dishes here
The crumbs on the floor are not my responsibility.
There are, however, definitely germs everywhere.
My kids might get sick, yes.
I see it as a risk thats worth a little sniffle given the alternative possibilities at home.
Object throwing
And dont even get me started on the kids!
Here they are among their kind. The wild screaming foot pounding Littles of KidLand. They speak the same language -mostly- and seem to get along enough not to burn and eat each other
I look forward to what tomorrow might bring. Hope you are all surviving your spring breaks


After writing this out and fighting with this site on my smartphone, i saved it to post later. Once the kids ate and played more, the fun ended with my daughter skidding to a stop and using her face as the breaks. She got not only a fat top lip, but also cut her bottom lip.


Did i ask for that to happen above?! My poor kid. She is such a bad ass, though, that after eating the germ-covered floor, she of course cried. She wiped her lip which burst open the blood blister that instantly formed and bled all over herself. She let me put ice on her face and stopped crying. Once the bleeding stopped, she ate two bites more of her chicken nuggets!

My kid’s first fat lip. I’m more worried about the germs that hopped into her face when she hit the floor than any permanent damage. I even called the doc office to see if there was anything more i could do. I’ve made it this far with little to no emergencies with my son. Let’s hope this is an anomaly.

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