Spring Break Chronicles: Day 2

I finally did it. I dragged my fat butt and my kid’s skinny ones to a nearby riparian trail.

I have no idea what riparian means, but the city is very proud of it because it was on ALL of the redundant signs plastered all throughout the trail.

I fished out the Easter Basket overflow and handed the $1 bin binoculars to the kids, and off we went.

They were VERY excited to do this.

The only problem i can find here is that while there are trails EVERYWHERE to walk on, finding the appropriate place to park your car so that you can actually get out and walk.

We parked near Safeway, and headed towards the newly laid asphalt trail. The kids had their binoculars to their eyeballs for the first ten minutes. After yesterday’s spill, i was a little hesitant to let my daughter walk with plastic binoculars probably coated with lead paint on her eyeballs, but she did great.

The walk was great! We tried to ignore the backhoe that was digging something at the back of Safeway and inhaled diesel fumes as we watched the native wildlife scurry and scamper to away from their homes to avoid the fumes and noise.

It was magical!

We walked a full six minutes before finding the trail ended at the main busy road. We turned back and “hiked” through the underbrush next to the creek where we watched 2 geese cruise toward the underpass when we first got there.

We grabbed my necessities at the grocery store before heading to the next trail/park.

Next up was the gigantic central park that has everything from soccer fields to a farm and walking trails.

But i had to pay a whole dollar to park there. I choked down my expletives and fished a dollar out of my wallet. I was saving that dollar for a sweaty naked man that i just knew would appear at one of our few and far between Moms Night Outs!

But noooOOOOoooo, the kid’s continue to take everything from me!~!


Anyway, this park was great, the kids played their butts off. I forced them away from the playground to walk a short trail with me. My daughter scuffed her shoes on the gravel the whole time, so on the upside, we got to see quite a few birds fly for cover.

We are nature people.

Day 3 is supposed to be the aquarium … but mommy is feeling like she needs a mid-week cocktail so we may spend the money at Red Robin tonight.

Red Robin, where you are distracted by bottomless fries (AND kids mac & cheese i just found out !!!) and huge burgers so you do not notice the amount of parents who go there to have a drink!



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