Not the Diva

For many reasons, this is true.

My son is home from school today. He had an earache last night and a cough all week. Tomorrow is PJ/popcorn/stuffed animal party day. He can’t miss that, so i kept him home to try and get better.

We have our priorities here in the Sarcasmica household.

Actually, the party is exciting for him because all the kids got to vote on a theme for their party and this was his idea that his class all supported and voted for. He was beyond excited when he told me this Monday. I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s the true story. I see class president in his future… or at least Treasurer.

So we are all home. My daughter is now starting to like the Disney Princess movies, so it’s been fun reliving some of these songs and stories with her. I have always been a big fan of Disney so it’s not biggie for me. My son, even, likes the Princess movies so today the new flavor in town is Little Mermaid.

My friend and i used to watch this and belt out the songs and recite the whole movie along with it…. old habits – and i stress the old part – die hard. A 2 and 6 year old do NOT appreciate their mom howling along to a new-to-them movie. I , however, am singing like a Diva because when you have sung a song for roughly twenty something years, you can woorrrrrrrk it.

They thought otherwise.

They should be happy i didn’t strap on the shells and mermaid tail and do it in full regalia.

“mommy, stop it stop it stop it. STOP iiiiIIIIIIIIT – uh!”

She has to repeat it that many times to try and talk over my performance. i’m not ashamed!

The other one they’ve been watching is Aladdin. I hate the “I can show you the world” nonsense song at the end, and i’m not fast enough with the Genie song … but i try. I’ll get it soon much to the headachy chagrin of my kids.

Stay at home moms have to find enjoyment/fulfillment/entertainment somewhere!! The movie singalong is a combination of all of those things in torturing the kids.
“ohhh, i’m so sorry! is it annoying when someone is making constant noise and doesn’t ever shut up regardless of what you are doing/saying/telling/asking/pleading??”

i would have no idea how that feels, kids.


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