Nature Calling

It’s been one of those days. Not bad, on the contrary, it’s been very very productive despite my effort for it to go the other way. If i can just get one load of laundry done, it’ll go down in the record books as a well-tasked day indeed. I’m currently in the middle of book […]

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Sh*tty Day

Ever have one of those crap-tastic days? All you can do is just make it to bedtime and have everything around you not burn down? This is that day for me. I’m sure i’m being overly dramatic about it. I admit it. But it still kinda sucked. It started with my Keurig burning me. My […]

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Construction.. still

My son has had an interesting road of construction. He was born with one neck muscle shorter than the other. We didn’t notice this until about 2 1/2 months when his head began to look misshapen. The term for the shortened neck muscle is torticollis. Because of this, when he was put in his swing […]

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So there I am. Sitting at my weight watchers meeting after spotily showing up every two or three weeks.  It’s rainy this morning, so there wasn’t a big crowd waiting to be weighed in like so many heads of cattle. moo So here’s the standard. You say your hello’s to the person behind the counter. […]

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Check Please!

It was so nice to go out to a grown up dinner tonight. I had cocktails .. well, cocktaiL since i’m such a lightweight alchie. Had a great salad and my own dessert even! Conversation was great! Three moms who met at a moms group managed to not talk only of our children the whole […]

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Little Baby Jesus

Please help me have the patience you obviously thought i possessed at one point to be the mother of this child. My son is driving me IN-SAYN-uh. .. that’s absolute annunciation with a twinge of frustration at the end to further prove the point. I swear he is a sweet kid. I’ve seen it. With […]

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