Mumbo Jumbo

Am i the only one on the planet intimidated/confused by the whole health insurance process?

Am I the only person who worked in HR as an assistant and responsible for the insurance shpiel who is STILL ignorant when it comes to medical insurance ?!!

I am feeling like the worst parent in the world today. I have been calling and fighting and messaging and emailing various referrals and places to get my son OT therapy outside of what he gets at school. Even just to get a diagnosis.

It’s been at least three months of actively working on this. Now i haven’t been doing it all day everyday. It’s been here and there. At first it was constant. I gave up! How terrible is that?!

In my own pitiful defense, one of the many people i spoke with told me she’s actually spearheading a committee to solve the issue of  getting non-medical services more user friendly and easier for parents to navigate…. but she couldn’t help me.

Mostly i’ve just been given the wrong referrals. By chance, i met a woman at our nearby park who started talking to me about her son and how he  gets services nearby. I just looked up the therapy place today and got info and all the requirements done. Now i just have to follow up with copies of his IEP from school and we get to pick a day to have him evaluated.

And it was that easy.

But first i had to call the insurance company to find out how many arms and digits i have to fork over to make this all happen. Thankfully, the therapy center had a list of things to ask the insurance company.

Brilliant! (as my new English friend would say 🙂  )

I think the insurance rep was confused when i began to laugh. Hysterically.

There comes a point after all the jargon and mumbo jumbo when the person speaking cannot possibly understand what they are saying… and IM supposed to process and ‘get it’?! I’m just a lowly housewife who is juggling bills and paychecks and interest rates and calendars. I do not understand co-insurance and co-pays and deductibles and family deductibles and medical necessity etc etc.

Holy hell !

I understand there are some pour souls who have no insurance. I’ve been there. I know how much that sucks. Honestly, i get that. But we were absolutely spoiled when my husband started with this company. SPOY- ULLED. We had our medical card that we gave anyone who asked and that was the extent of our effort.

That was it.

Now, thank you Mr Obama, we get to be our own insurance billing department. It is SO fracking confusing!

I think i put off getting this for my son because i just didn’t understand anything about the billing process and what is covered/in network/referrals blah blah blah blah.

It’s a foreign language. Once that rep gets on the phone and i hear the word deductible, my eyes glaze and my ears clog. I’m 7 years old having to hear about photosynthesis. It simply does not sink in.

But now, i’ve climbed that mountain and hopefully am near the peak of getting the appointment and not having to sell my house to pay for it.

Fingers crossed !

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