Check Please!

It was so nice to go out to a grown up dinner tonight. I had cocktails .. well, cocktaiL since i’m such a lightweight alchie. Had a great salad and my own dessert even! Conversation was great! Three moms who met at a moms group managed to not talk only of our children the whole time. I’m so proud of us!

Usually I have my phone out on the table when i  go out because my overactive imagination pulls up all sorts of fun and vivid things that could happen in my house while i’m away from my kids, but not tonight. I was firm with myself and kept my phone in my purse the whole time.

*patting self on back*

I pulled it out once midway through just to be responsible. No texts, no fires, no bee swarms or swat teams. Phone went BACK into the purse!

After finishing our yummy desserts and allowing the conversation to come to a close, we collectively decide it’s time to purse-up and walk out.

I check my phone and lo and behold: “she threw up” …  “hello??”


of course she did! i didn’t have my phone out.

I rush out of the parking lot despite the “she’s fine, no fever” information. I felt terrible. I rushed all the way to the first traffic light when i pull up behind a police car and have a brief dialogue in my head about slowing down. It takes 3 minutes to get home from where we were, so there was no reason to make it a worse night with a ticket…. in my husband’s car… who’s registration and insurance card i have no idea where to begin looking for.

By the time i got home, my mom had the sweet up-chucker cleaned up and put back down to sleep. Still no fever, soundly sleeping away on her bed.

I’m gonna go ahead and feel guilty for not getting home faster, but minimal guilt about missing the opportunity to clean up vomit. Sorry mom! and thank you !!

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