Nature Calling

It’s been one of those days. Not bad, on the contrary, it’s been very very productive despite my effort for it to go the other way. If i can just get one load of laundry done, it’ll go down in the record books as a well-tasked day indeed.

I’m currently in the middle of book 3 of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. You may note a very terrible and embarrassing mix of quite a few things… British dialogue, or watered down 17th Century Scottish brogue, or my own scatter-brained topic-hopping.

I took my little diva shopping to a new mall today to gather presents for my son’s upcoming birthday. I should point out this is after i managed a whole 15 minutes on the treadmill.

15 minutes people! I know, right? “how does she do it and STILL weigh over 200lbs ?!?!” Just lucky, i guess.

So my son’s 7th bday party is less than two weeks away … eeeeeek !!!!

I had to find a mall within range that had a Lego Store (Minecraft legos, y’all!) AND a build-a-bear store (which are apparently dropping like flies) AND a Disney store.

There was only one and it was about 25 minutes away. No biggie. I was so prepared i couldn’t stand myself! I knew ahead of time which parkinglot to park and the stores were fairly near one another. It was amaze-balls. First stop – Lego Store.

Immediately upon inquiring about said lego collection, i’m given a rather sorrowful head shake. The clerk looks at the ground and tells me they do not carry that collection in the stores because “it’s too popular”

excuse me? isn’t that the whole point?

She informs me would be a better choice.

Shocked, i asked her to follow up on the ‘we might be getting some in later on’. Her manager tells me to go to the lego website and order that way.

If i had wanted to indulge my evil side i could have put her on the spot and said, “Wait.. lego store? I thought she said Amazon would take my money faster..? I’m confused.”

But that was my good deed for the day. Bit tongue.

So i move along to the Disney store and pick up the outrageous Iron Man mask my son wanted. I kept the receipt knowing full well this thing will make it out of the box for one run around the house chasing the li’l sis and dog and then be done with it. Box and receipt will be ready by the front door.

Next we indulge the baby Diva and get an outfit for one of her build-a-bears… which is actually a horse just to confuse things.

We leave after stopping for a minute at the play center which was all in all a great one. Not too crowded, fully padded and nearly enclosed, and all the climbing things were spaced well. It did smell awfully of sweaty diapers and stinky baby feet, though.

a smell i’m sad to say no longer bothers me

So we get home. I’m proud for not giving into the Food Court demons. We scarf down a quick lunch and kiddo goes in for her nap.

I settle on the couch mentally pushing the list of things i SHOULD be doing to the back of my brain and settle down with my book.

I begin to doze when i hear a sound come from the street resembling a choking, ill, half run over chicken.

This is no bird i’ve ever heard before.

I can hear this thing going off like a siren repeatedly just asking for someone to put a bee bee between it’s eyes. I curse whatever car only did half a job before realizing it must be the pheasant looking bird i’ve seen darting in and out of the trees by the side of our house.

I hear this animal running up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. Then it’s under the window. I finally give up my nap and look out the window to see this red-headed curly-q crested beast standing on the front lawn with it’s head stretched up to our window screeching at nothing.

I get to the front door and it takes off – wisely.  I was one screech from letting a cat at it.

Nature needs to understand when i am taking calls. Not just running about willy-nilly shrieking whenever it wants to !!

I give up and go hide in my cave bedroom hoping to get a brief rest. My son was up at 3:30 this morning needing attention so i only slept fitfully last night. … not that i should have to explain my laziness to anyone, but today there just happened to be a good reason for it.

The phone rings. Yes it’s on vibrate, but when the phone is on a wooden table night stand it’s even louder than if i had just left the ringer on.

send it to voicemail.

my iPad pings with an email as my phone vibrates again with a voicemail notice.

I’m not going to get any sleep, am i?

It turns out this is the afternoon everyone wants to follow up with me and set appointments and verify plans and get in touch with me…. not in the morning when i had a dull 25 minute drive to get through, or later in the day when i need a distraction from my children… nooOOOOOOoooo my small window of sane time i use for important things like napping and reading!

So despite my quest for laziness today, it just isn’t going to happen, damnit. Productivity is happening all around me despite myself.

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