Birthday Blues

So now that we’re settled, i have no excuse not to throw my kid a birthday party. I’m a terrible mom because the truth is, i’ve been dreading having to do it. As timing has worked out (or not, perhaps, if you’re my kid) we have moved nearly every year on/around my son’s birthday so i’ve had a reason to keep it low key.

A couple years we got away with driving to another state to have a pool party – that way no one would follow and we could keep it small! Actually, we were in CA when a lot of our family was still in AZ so that was a good reason.

So this year, 1st grade, small class, no excuse. First i panicked over where to have it. We had seen a few examples already. One being at the local McDonald’s, and another at a bounce house (which we conveniently didn’t make it to on a Sunday night at 7pm) and here and there we’ve been to a few house parties.

So i figure as long as i can think up some sort of activity, i can just head down to the local party store, pick up some supplies and BOOM. Instant party.


The 1st grade hellion had other plans for his mom. Something told this child that it was time for mom to make up for slacking on all the other birthdays. He chose a Minecraft theme.

I lucked out and was able to book a spot at the local park. Seeing as how you can never ever trust the weather here in cloudy… no sunny… no rainy … no warm… no wait, drizzly Washington state, it was a stroke of genius on my part if i do say so myself.

Minecraft, if you are living under a rock, or have no children ages 6 through 35 is a game that incorporates mining (durr) blocks, frustration, building shelters, and just wandering through a vast extensive world of pixels. It’s pixelpalooza. Pixeltopia. Pixelverse.

you get the idea

and guess what? It’s absurdly popular! However, it’s skyrocketed to fame faster than the party stores can accommodate. This translates to mom gets to make EVERYTHING resembling a favor/decoration/game herself. Non-crafty, ‘had to go out and buy a hole punch, and exact o knife’ mom.

I’m flying by the seat of my pants, people. My pixelated pants.

So far i have come to the conclusion i way over committed. .. to the point i feel i need to be committed for my own sanity now.. like in a mental institution. Where they feed you three times a day and someone else washes your sheets and toilet.

hmmm… wait a minute

Anyway, so i’ve been toiling away on the birthday favors and party game.


I suppose i’m a miserable slouch for having the local bakery make the cake. I have not hunted and killed the local fondants to skin them for their pelts to adorn the cake. I’m letting the professionals do that. I don’t even know where to find the buggers. Perhaps beside the cream of tartar birds.

I’m obviously going batshit at this point. Husband comes home tomorrow after a THREE WEEK business trip. I hope that German schnitzel he has on the side is worth it.

Oh, and i’ve been preparing for my first ever club meeting as President where i will be the one guiding the discussion and outlining the topics.

God help us.

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