You should never compete with your spouse. Unless you are training for a marathon or power eating. But how can you not? I try not to compete with my husband, but after being together 11 years, married for almost 8, 2 kids, 4 states, countless pets, and too many jobs it sometimes sneaks in.
He’s a high level professional in his field. He gets to do cool stuff and his work is eventually seen by (hopefully)  thousands of people. He travels all over and meets a variety of people and professionals in his own field. He brings home a good salary and im blessed enough to be able to stay at home with the kids.
Blah blah, obligatory yada yada yada
So this week he’s at a very high profile gig. He’s wheeling and dealing and networking all day long.
On the rare occasion he calls or communicates, i get a short breakdown of what hes been doing.
What am i supposed to add to that conversation?!
I wiped snot all day today. I picked up my other kid from school and we did homework!
I managed to wash all of the boogers out of the toddler’s hair tonight. Bonus!
Her cold is still lingering, so i haven’t had any outside contact with humans in about 3 days now.
With the exception of the checked out checker at target… and i don’t count her. I’m not sure she even qualified as ‘awake’ when she took my money.
Oh you are getting lots of praise and adulation for all your hard work?! That’s fantastic, babe!
Oh, hang on, one of the animals just shit on the carpet.
Woo hoo!
Ok, please continue with the story of going out to dinner at 9pm with another grown up.
No no, sorry, didn’t mean to yawn. I have to get up when my walking alarm clock opens my door at 6:25am and immediately demands, “get up, mommy! Want sumpin to eat!!”
Oh wow, you’re running late because you got to sleep IN? That’s so rough, honey!
Oh yes. I do miss you. Oh sure, go ahead and get to your next meeting. Don’t let my big important day slow you down.
Oh, if i happen not to pick up the phone next time, check the bank account for a solo, one way flight to Hawaii.

That’ll be me!!

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