I leave for Vegas in FIVE DAYS! And i will NOT be there for one night or two nights. I will be there for FIVE NIGHTS! This is a real life, true story, bonafide VACATION.

No kids.

Hell, the husband is even going to be working for two of those days, does it get any better?!!

It does!

Are you completely sick of me yet? Give me another second and you will be!

One of my best friends is even driving out to meet me and hang for a couple days, AND i have another friend who lives out there I get to visit with.

How ’bout now? Are ya green with envy?

Just to make it more of a crazy amazing time, I get to NOT fly on Southwest Airlines!! It seems there’s actually other airlines out there to choose from. Who knew?! Living in So Cal and Phoenix and Austin, I thought Southwest was the ONLY option for travel.

I get to fly on a non-Southwest flight, and because my husband travels so frickin’ much, i get to fly first class, beyotches!

I’m gonna be the one thing in “One of  These Things Is Not Like the Other” the flight attendants will be singing in their heads. Housewife/mom flying first class to Vegas wearing yoga pants and flip flops with no briefcase or laptop.


That’ll be me !

I’m considering breaking out the jeans for the occasion. Hell, i might even have sex with my husband on this trip!


Trying to pack for this trip is going to be interesting. It’s been so long since i’ve packed for longer than a 2 night trip, i’m just hoping i wont end up with no bathing suit and thirty diapers and wipes.

Free booze, hangovers and gambling, here i come !!!


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