Twas the Night Before Vegas

And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse (who is already there!)

So it’s the night before my trip. Vegas Eve, if you will. And i will.

The day couldn’t have gone any slower if I was duct taped to a wheelchair rolling through tar.

It didn’t help I had my watch on. I rarely have it on these days, but I stupidly did today. I was checking that mother every 30 minutes.

So now i’m essentially packed. All but the stuff i need tomorrow. The stuff I use to make my face presentable when not in the company of children.

All evening I had a feeling that I should be relishing in the company of my children … but let’s face it. They were part of the reason I was watch-checking all afternoon.

But I also had a feeling I needed to pack more. More more more. Despite having no room left in my suitcase, I feel like you can’t have too many pairs of undies or T Shirts… or shorts or sandals… or products. (because let’s face it, this is the one chance i have to USE products) I’ve packed nearly a pharmacy for all the ‘in case’ scenarios. I also had to pack a few items for my husband who will be ending a nearly two week Europe work trip with a week in Vegas with moi.

But there’s bound to be something I forget. I’m hoping to have a happy send off from the kids and not a weepy crying clingy send off that starts my trip with guilt.

But that’s what the flight alcohol is for, right?

So I will hope the last of this sinus crap i’ve been fighting all week will dissipate with the help of a dose of Nyquil. Also to ensure i actually sleep tonight ’cause i wont be sleeping much tomorrow !! Heeeeeeey !

I’m relishing the idea of Vegas at the moment before the reality strikes. The reality of how old, out of shape, and out of touch with ‘night life’ i am. Also, all the money I will be frivolously and emphatically pouring into machines and stuffy table attendants. My lack of alcohol tolerance will also either be an asset or a hindrance. We shall see.

I talk a lot about drinking, but in reality i rarely have a cocktail. I’ve never been ill from drinking, and have only occasionally had a hang over.

I will be making up for lost time over the next couple of days.

Just enough to feel like i enjoyed myself, but not enough to regret or lose great amounts of time.

So here’s to all you poor suckers at home this weekend listening to whining sniveling bickering bored and poopy kids.

*cheers* !! I wont be thinking of you !


and one more just because

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