Post Vegas (a little late)

I made it! I came home from Vegas! I did not fake my own death and go into hiding – tempting though it was.
Eventually I may even write about my adventure, but right now im just trying to wade through my Reality Transition.
Coming back from a trip is a bit hard & getting back into the swing of things, but add PMS on top of that and its insurmountable.
As of two kids and my mid thirties, PMS has become a bit of a beast… or should i say i’ve become beastly. I have no idea why hormones go into overdrive at this time, but im not a fan. you know who else isnt a fan? my husband. He’s smart enough not to tell me so, but the look of confusion and terror and finally blankness that is reflected in his eyes -and the mirror he sometimes walks around holding in front of his face so as not to incur the wrath of my PMS alter ego – also tells me so.
Im also unpopular with the general unsuspecting populous unlucky enough to be caught within my orbit at any given time during this miraculous amazing bodily transition. Family, neighbors, the pets, strangers. but what am i to do? lock myself in a room with snacks and chocolate?
I cant! I feel bad for women who wait til their mid-to late thirties to have a baby. I cannot imagine the headache of a-conceiving b-NOT conceiving and everything that entails and then having to deal with an infant while this whole bipolar monthly asylum takes over your brain.
It gives me even more clarity on postpartum depression.
I feel like if i could remove the offending hormones and bottle them, i’d have a weapon of mass destruction on my hands.
Who knew you would wish for the body and the PMS you had in your 20’s ?!?

— I wrote more, but my damn iPad mini keyboard combined with my bloated Silverback gorilla fingers deleted the rest of my amazingly charming and linguistically amazing post.


I do feel, however, that my post from earlier today – It’s Official – outlines perfectly the rapid progression of emotional instability I have to go through most months.

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