In Search Of

If you don’t like bitching mommy blogs, move right along and don’t feel you need to leave a note telling me how you don’t appreciate my cynicism. I appreciate it and that’s all that matters.

All disclaimers first : YES my mom lives with me and helps me out TREMENDOUSLY and if she wasn’t so generous, i would have been admitted, divorced, and/or living solo in Hawaii long before now. Yes, my children are healthy and well. All the more fighting and screaming and needy for it.

My son is going to be my undoing. The ebb and flow of time is getting tiresome. The shotgun repetitive out-of-nowhere-from-another-room-in-the-house “MOMMOMOMOMOMOMOMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”  will be the final straw. I feel the eye twitch creeping up my face each time he repeats himself.

My two year old manages better than him sometimes. I do my best not to compare them out loud, but i’m only mortal.

you heard it here first. yes, i am mortal.

This whole orthodontic mess we’ve gotten into isn’t helping the patience/tolerance/team work, either. For a sensory kid, having metal filling out your face is less than ideal. Add to that once you’re finally eating semi-solid food and it’s a nightmare of food sticking, poking, clinging, hiding and stinking.

Despite all the tools and gadgets I was given, there are areas a toothbrush, floss, tiny pipe cleaner brushes can’t get to. I have to now go buy a water pick. A water pick will be another issue. The power of the squirt. The water getting in his throat. The lack of space in the bathroom to put yet another big device.

The mess it will inevitably make.

The ortho assistant told me to get a cordless one with a rechargeable battery. That’s what her kid uses when he’s in the shower and/or bath.

But i don’t understand how a tool with a battery that isn’t labeled ‘water proof’ is safe for my kid in the tub. He will drop it. He will purposely put it into the bath water.

Am i an idiot in assuming this will cause danger ?!

My husband is away again. Two more weeks. Not that him being here alieves all of this. He helps.. yes… when i have to ask. Why i still have to ASK after the kid has made it to seven i do not understand at all.

Like, seriously, what if we all just started behaving like our spouses? I KNOW it’s not only mine. What if I sat in the presence of my children all day and all evening just looking at either my phone, my tablet, or the PC. Doing whatever the f** I have told myself is of more importance than looking at or even acknowledging the kids. And i would just expect food to be made. My kids to be potty trained, bathed, read to and put to bed.

oh .. did i find a tangent to ride on there? oh so sorry.


I’m one day into the current business trip. I only have one week left of my son being busily cared for out of my presence learning and reveling in education while at summer school. The next week after that is wide open, and the next week after that is the surprise Disneyland trip.


With two kids and grandma.

I’ve never tackled an amusement park with two kids  before. God willing I bring them both home in one piece.

At this rate, i might offer the older one up for a long term role in the Haunted Mansion if he keeps it up.

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